Monthly Cost

A red house community member, Susanne, prepares some potting soil to start seedlings

The monthly cost for rent is $375. Utilities are generally between $55 and $75 (depending on if we have 4 or 5 members) and include electricity, gas (heat and cooking), local phone service, trash hauling, water, and broadband internet. We buy our groceries together, which results in the reasonable cost of $130 for food and shared household items (laundry soap, cleaning supplies, hand soap) per person each month.

We ask for a $375 rent deposit at the signing of the lease.

The cost ranges from about $565 to $580 depending on the season and if we have a full complement of housemates. The total cost rarely exceeds $580 per month. We try to maintain a buffer for when there are fewer than 4 housemates or an unexpected spike in costs. Remember, that this cost includes the cost of organic groceries and all utilities!


As with most rental situations, our homeowners insurance does not explicitly cover your possessions. (Of course, liability claims are always possible.) If you want to be sure your personal possessions are insured, we recommend, but do not require, that you obtain separate renters insurance.

As a matter of household safety and health we do not want smoking of any kind in the house. We also do not allow the burning of unattended open flame (candles, Coleman stoves, lanterns, acetylene torches, flame throwers etc...)