How to Join Us

Members of the Red House Community eating a meal at Birchwood Cafe in Minneapoli

We interview each potential member during a casual conversation, often over a meal. This helps both the community and the prospective member assess whether the situation is a good fit. Enforcing community participation is antithetical to intentional community; hence, membership in this community does not involve a binding contractual agreement.

If you would like to meet us and see whether we are a good fit, click here to send us a message

The community thrives best when people stay for at least a year; therefore, the rental agreement is for one year with a two-month advance notice for leaving early. The deposit is $375 and is paid back with 1% interest annually less the cost for any damage beyond normal wear and tear. State law requires that the lease become month-to-month after the first year; however, we still request two months advance notice to allow us to find a someone to take your place.